Environmental Engineer & Safety Manager (Plant Operations)

Job Description


Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC is a leading provider of alternative fuel made from agricultural products that are better for the environment and help Americans across the country to be self-sustaining. We own a commercial, state-of-the-art biodiesel production facility in Washington, Iowa. Our multiple feedstock production facility utilizes soybean oil, other vegetable oils and animal fats to manufacture approximately 30 million gallons of high quality biodiesel each year. As our manufacturing operations continue to prosper, we are seeking an Environmental Engineer to lead all Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management procedures. This position reports to the Plant Manager and is a growth opportunity in a team-oriented environment with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits!


Job Responsibilities

As an Environmental Safety Manager you will be responsible for the development, implementation, promotion, monitoring and assessment of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs and systems. You will ensure compliance with all federal, state, local and company EHS regulatory requirements, policies, procedures and standards. You will work with all pertinent external agencies and organizations related to EHS procedures and regulations. You will be responsible for providing leadership to drive continuous improvements in plant safety and environmental culture to ensure that Iowa Renewable Energy exceeds the minimum requirements for regulatory compliance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing facility safety and environmental policies
  • Assisting in the development and review of plant environmental profiles and regulatory calendar
  • Assisting in environmental emissions and other routine plant reporting requirements
  • Ensuring ergonomics are adequate throughout facility to prevent injuries
  • Developing, reviewing and implementing procedures and formal written programs related to health and safety to enable compliance
  • Regulating standards including formal training, safety awareness, recordkeeping and periodic assessments as required by regulatory agencies and/or facility needs
  • Collecting, monitoring and analyzing facility environmental performance data to anticipate potential problems and recommend solutions and/or prevention activities
  • Maintaining related records, and performing analysis to identify trends and causes
  • Leading environmental compliance audits
  • Reviewing auditing and maintenance/improvement of facility management systems designed or required to meet existing environmental requirements
  • Leading efforts to ensure that all regulatory federal and state workplace mandates are met by successfully implementing programs and procedures
  • Preparing and maintaining permits, facility reports and documentation for environmental requirements
  • Working with management to oversee the execution of the BQ9000 certification program


Job Requirements

As an Environmental Safety Manager you must be a professional, high energy and positive individual with exceptional management and leadership skills. You must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with strong analytical, math and problem-solving aptitude. Qualified candidates have a strong focus on safe work practices and demonstrate a positive attitude toward management, staff, customers and vendors. You must be a team player who also works well independently, taking initiative and exhibiting self-direction.

Other requirements of the Engineering role include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), environmental engineering or related field; or equivalent experience in an industry position
  • 5+ years of EHS work experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Strong knowledge of industrial equipment
  • Exceptional computer skills
  • Detailed knowledge of federal, state, and local EHS statutory requirements is essential
  • Ability to design and deliver training to all levels of the organization
  • Available to work beyond normal work schedule as necessary to fulfill responsibilities
  • Knowledge of Workers Comp administration and claims procedures, a plus
  • Applicable certifications, a plus


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